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When you have surgery scheduled, a presurgical clearance is an important part of your preparation. The experienced care providers at AllCare Family Medicine & Urgent Care of Alexandria, conveniently located in Alexandria, Virginia, strictly adhere to American Heart Association guidelines for presurgical clearance. This helps you safely prepare while avoiding unnecessary testing. Use the online scheduler or call the office to book your presurgical clearance now.



What is presurgical clearance?

A presurgical clearance is a physical exam that verifies your health before surgery. During a presurgical clearance, your AllCare Family Medicine & Urgent Care of Alexandria doctor also checks for previously undiagnosed health problems that could increase your risk during the surgery.

AllCare Family Medicine & Urgent Care of Alexandria follows strict guidelines for presurgical clearance to ensure that all of your needs are met and that you don’t have to go through any unnecessary tests.

What can I expect during my presurgical clearance appointment?

The specifics of your presurgical clearance appointment depend on what type of surgery you’re having. Your doctor asks questions about your condition, how you’ve managed it, your lifestyle, your current medications, and many other questions so they can get a good picture of your whole-body health.

You may have blood, urine, or other tests as part of your presurgical clearance appointment. If you’re having heart surgery, you may do several heart health tests like EKG as well. All tests are customized for the situation and done only when you need them.

If your doctor discovers new risk factors that could impact your surgery, they’ll discuss those factors with you and with the specialist who’s performing your surgery to determine whether you should proceed with the surgery at this time.

Your doctor also helps you prepare for the surgery by explaining what to do the night before the surgery, the day of the surgery, and immediately after the surgery. For example, your doctor tells you when to stop eating and drinking to prepare for the anesthesia before surgery. Additionally, you’ll discuss your current medications with your doctor to make sure that you’re not taking anything that could interfere with your surgery and recovery.

How far in advance is a preoperative clearance visit scheduled?

It depends on what your surgeon and hospital recommend. In general, patients need to have their preoperative clearance no more than 30 days before surgery.

For presurgical clearance from a team of dedicated and compassionate professionals, call AllCare Family Medicine & Urgent Care of Alexandria or use online scheduling to book now.