Alisa Miller, DO

About Alisa Miller, DO

Alisa Miller, DO is a board certified internal medicine physician in Alexandria, Virginia with five years of independent clinical experience and 8 years of service in Air Force Medical Corp as an internal medicine physician.

Dr. Miller’s diverse background endowed her with skills needed to manage patients diverse in age, health, and socio-economic status. She has a personal interest in preventative medicine and is known among her peers as one to prioritize patient education and optimize communication. She strives to build good rapport early so that she can provide the trusted care the patient deserves and guide him or her in reaching mutually established health goals. She has seen this strategy translate into more efficient visits and remarkably better control of chronic illness.

Dr. Miller has Bachelors of Science degree in biomedical sciences from Pennsylvania State University, and Doctor of Osteopathy degree from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.